WIKING Luma 5 with side glass & heat storage stones

The WIKING Luma 5 and WIKING Luma 6 design includes a heat store above the combustion chamber, making them the tallest models in the Luma series. The heat store can be filled with heat storage stones, which store heat from the stove and slowly release it into the room.

WIKING Luma 5 has wide side windows for better views of the flames, while WIKING Luma 6 has smooth steel sides. WIKING Luma 6 is also available with natural stone and sandstone cladding giving the stove an attractive look.

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Technical specifications

Technical data
Energy efficiency class WIKING® Automatic™ A +
WIKING® Automatic™ Yes
Efficiency (%) 81.0
Nominal heat output (kW) 7.0
Smokeoutlet (Ø) 6"
Product measurements (cm)
Height 131.4
Width 46.8
Depth 35.6
Combustionchamber 36.5
Weight (kg)
Weight 173.0
Heat storage stones 45.0
Connection measurements (cm)
From floor, top 104.5
Fresh air kit
Combustion air system can be mounted, back (Ø 100 mm) Yes
Combustion air system can be mounted, back (Ø 100 mm) Yes
Distance to combustible materials, insulated flue gas pipe (cm)
Behind 5.0
Side 60.0
Sides, in front of the stove 60.0
In front 115.0
Furnishing in front 115.0
Corner, 45° 5.0
Distance to combustible materials, uninsulated flue gas pipe (cm)
Behind 12.5
Side 60.0
Sies, in front of the stove 60.0
In front 105.0
Furnishing in front 105.0
Corner, 45° 31.5
EN 13240 Yes
NS 3058/3059 Yes
DEFRA Exempt Yes
ECODESIGN Compliant Yes