How can I prevent the glass from turning white?

White glass can be caused by faulty operation, such as:

1. Glass not cleaned sufficiently
2. Burning milk cartons, newspaper advertising material, etc.
3. Stoking with unapproved fuels, such as coke and the like, which creates too much heat.
4. Stoking with impregnated tree or pressed wallboard
5. Excess chimney draft
6. Stoking with the ash pan open.

If the glass turns white or opaque and cannot be immediately cleaned, it may have been permanently damaged.

The glass in the wood-burning stove is a special ceramic glass that can withstand very high temperatures. At high temperatures, however, the glass is very sensitive to chemicals. Burning advertising materials, newspapers, impregnated wood, etc. can ruin the glass.

Should this occur, a glass set is available, which contains glass, sealing compound and an installation guide.

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