Can the wood-burning stove rust?

Answer: If stored and connected correctly, a wood-burning stove will not rust.

When a wood-burning stove rusts, it is often the result of it being exposed to moisture from the chimney. The risk of internal rust can be minimised by firing up the stove a couple of times during the non-heating seasons, which will ensure that it is dried throughout.

This is particularly recommended in summer houses where the inside temperature is often low during the winter, because the temperature in the wood-burning stove's combustion chamber can drop so low that stagnant air condenses, leaving water on the stove’s metal surface. This water can cause rust.

To prevent this, we recommend ensuring a through draft in the wood-burning stove, possibly by allowing the air supply to the stove to remain slightly open during the winter.

As a rule, external rust occurs when the stove has been stored in a damp environment where moisture is able to form on its surface.

Should this occur, a repair kit is available, which contains sandpaper and spray-paint.

Repair kit - merchandise number: 200 ml:
Black: 22-0756; Grey: 22-0756grey

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