HWAM I30/55

HWAM I30/55

Like a picture of dancing flames on a wall, this little stove radiates cosiness and warmth into your home...

The wide glass pane elegantly and discreetly creates a frame for the flames.
This insert is for the design-conscious user who wants only the best down to the smallest detail. The width of the combustion chamber provides ample space for big logs.

Dimensional drawing
HWAM I30/55
Technical specifications
Technical data
HWAM Autopilot: Yes
Capacity (kW): 4-10
Nominal heat output (kW): 7
Smokeoutlet, Ø (mm): 150
Chimney draught, recommended (Pa): 12
Combustion chamber width (cm): 55
Height (cm): 61,9
Width (cm): 84,1
Depth (cm): 47
Weight (kg): 98
Combustion air system
Combustion air system can be mounted, floor (Ø 100 mm): Yes
Distance to inflammable materials
Distance to inflammable materials, front(cm): 80
Distance to inflammable floor (cm): 30
Distance to furnishing in front (cm): 80
Insulation, when combustible material, behind/side/under/over (cm): 12/6/15/8
Efficiency, Autopilot/Autopilot IHS
Efficiency, gross/net (%): 73/81
EN 13229 (Europa): Yes
NS 3058/3059 (Norway): Yes
LRV (Switzerland): Yes
BImSchV Stufe 2: Yes
BStV München: Yes
BStV Regensburg: Yes
DEFRA approved (UK): Yes

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