Intelligent Heat - optimal combustion in two versions

The integrated air regulation system, which regulates the air inlet automatically, is the biggest advantage and what makes the HWAM wood-burning stoves particularly unique. The HWAM SmartControl is available in a mechanical (Autopilot) and electronic version (SmartControl), and the common denominator is that they benefit both the user and the environment.

HWAM® Autopilot™

The mechanical HWAM® Autopilot™ with its heat sensitive spring ensures the correct air supply for the different combustion phases enabling an optimal combustion.

Mechanical vs. Electronic Mechanical vs. Electronic

HWAM® SmartControl™

HWAM SmartControl™ is our new electronic solution for automatic combustion control. The user lights the fire as usual and uses the included remote control to subsequently adjust the room temperature as desired. The App beeps when it's time to restoke the fire. It all works by means of an integrated air box and a temperature and an oxygen gauge.

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