HWAM's values

We take pride in doing our utmost to merge aesthetics, techniques, and functionality in intelligent heat solutions.

Mission :
HWAM manufactures high quality wood-burning stoves. HWAM stoves are designed by architects, and their distinguishing characteristic is the unique draught regulating and environmentally friendly Autopilot.

Vision :
HWAM wants to be at the cutting edge of the production of intelligent heat systems characterised by aesthetic and functional solutions.

HWAM’s “DNA” is above all to be innovative. 
Our main drive is the desire to find new and better heat solutions for the benefit of the consumer and the environment.

In our creative process we merge aesthetics, technique, and functionality to a holistic concept, and we strive to create products that perform with excellence. At HWAM we never accept limitations. We have always demonstrated an ability to find good solutions that satisfy the customers’ needs in a changing world.

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